Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DIT Catalogue

I photographed all the Art students from DIT for this catalogue. I used my fab 700-200mm lens along with two studio lights with umbrellas. The idea was to capture the personality of each student while holding up their art work.

The catalogue is divided into five sections fine art, product design, design display, visual communications (my course) and interior & furniture design. Each course has a different coloured cover which are reversible.
Here is a list of the 33 people in my class.

One example of a double spread Mary Reynolds on left and myself on the right.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My graduate exhibition was held in CHQ. It's an excellent venue for our specially designed 3D displays, which was different from previous years. The official opening was on Tue 10th June and on Thur 12th was for the members of Design Industry to attend by invite only. Adrain Shaugnessy was our guest speaker for the night.  Following the exhibit the guests moved onto the Jeanie Johnston boat where they were served champagne and light refreshments. it was a great opportunity for us the students to talk to designers and photographers,(pic below of a few of the guests). Overall, I was delighted with the night and everyone's displays looked great. The exhibition is open from 10th till the 14th June . For more info on the students check out www.lastandfirst.ie ( I am also proud to say I photographed all the Art students from DIT for the end of the year catalogue, which I will post up after this. Check out my display below.

On the back of each students display unit there is a photograph of themselves. Each student, is doing something different. I'm looking down at Owen who said something cheeky to me. At night the displays  were lined up against the window (as you can see above) so you can see each student. Great idea...
Here we have a couple of friends of mine (photographers) happy out on the boat. Richard Gilligan was there too, was my first time to meet him in person that night, Talented guy along with the rest of the gang. Looks like there enjoying themselves...check them out below
nice shot of the gang here. Keith Walshe on left then Johnny Savage, Paul Kelly and Lucia De Nile.....thanks for attending guys..

This is my display unit. On the right-hand side I displayed images from my dog book. See me on the back.

On the front I had some portraiture, and one enlarged shot of an image from my dog book.
On the left-hand side of the display were abstracts from a website I designed for Digital Media called How do you Feel? It was an online counseling website for people to blog their emotions. I'll post the details up later about that project.