Thursday, September 10, 2009

Debs 2009 Photoshoot

Hi guys, here's a peep at some of the shots I took for a debs in Mullingar, Westmeath. I went to Zoe's house and photographed her and her friends before they departed on their night out. They look stunning! Don't they?

Zoe looks stunning here! She is also a very talented make up artist! Her make-up is flawless! If you need any make-up done, Zoe is the girl to call

Zoe and her Granny a picture of happiness I would say!

Emma looks elegant in this shot. I always try to bring colour into a photograph it make a huge difference as you can see here!

This shot was taken in Zoes front lawn, I basically set up the scene, brought out the flower pots for colour and the bench for sitting. The shot looks more relaxed this way for large groups.