Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Offer / NOT TO BE MISSED

Hey guys, thought you & siblings might be interested in doing something a little bit different this year for Mother & Father's day this year, so I have attached a flyer for a package I've put together for Mother & Father's Day. It's a special offer and can also be used for any other occasion, whether it's for mother's and/or father's day, birthdays, or anniversaries etc.
I't's the perfect gift for your parents.

My style is both relaxed & fun as I believe the best images are those which are created when both the photographer & the subject are enjoying themselves & just being themselves! In this way I will capture your parents interacting with each other, capturing both emotion & action.

I will meet your parents at a chosen location, photographing them for 1 - 3 hours. I shoot mostly with a 70 - 200mm long lens to get close to the action from a distance & get ready for the unexpected, I don't avoid it, I look for it! Using natural light to create memorable, treasured moments, bringing the elements of love that are present in your parents relationship to a lifetime photograph.

This book will be cherished by both you and your mother & father forever, and can also
be passed down through generations.
I guarantee your parents will appreciate this book more than a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers as it lasts forever. So son's & daughters try put your money together and put a smile on your parents faces.