Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Grace

Here's a shot of Grace playing with her favourite cat in her back garden. Book is sent for printing. The complete book will be up soon.

Ok, here's a continuation of this baby book project I'm creating. I love the emotion in these shots, capture the true side of a baby. This is one of the double page spreads in the book. 

Here's a sneak preview of a job I'm doing for a client of mine. I'm compiling a series of different images of a 14 month old baby, her name is Grace isn't she a Beauty.. The middle of the book will be in black and white and the rest will be in colour. She was a delight to work with. I laid her on a bed against a large window letting in beautiful light, I captured a range of different expressions, some very funny one's. When it's fully complete I let you see how it turned out..It's a nice keepsake to have of your child I think.

This is the front cover of the  book.